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My Dartboard Collection

I am always looking for new or old unusual dartboards. I am willing to buy or trade for anything you think I may be interested in. Take at look at what I have in my collection now.


DMI Hi Score Bandit

2x Trebles & 2x Doubles

Casino Dartboard Picture

Winmau Casino 301 Dartboard

Casino 301 Rules



Unicorn Blade MX Dartboard

Winmau Narrow Fives / London 5's

Same as the Wide Fives but half size doubles and trebles

Regional Board E. London

Narrow Fives Rules


Winmau Wide Fives / Ipswich 5's

One game played on the board was 51-by-Fives, which has Dartboard.

The game is fairly simple; the winner is the player to reach exactly 51 points first, starting from zero. BUT, the actual score thrown is divided by 5 to get the scoring amount. In other words, a thrown score of 20, divided by 5, would actually score 4 points on the chalkboard.

Play proceeds like this until 51 is reached. Like '01 games, it is possible to bust.. if you have a score of 50, for instance, and throw 20 points, your new score would be 54... a bust. Go back to 50 next turn!

When 51-by-Fives is played on an English Clock face Board, all 3 darts must score each turn, or none may count. This keeps someone from throwing-away the last dart to avoid a bust. Also, all 3 darts thrown must add up to a number divisible by 5, or none count that turn.

Wide Fives Rules



Par Darts Board

Par Darts Rules




Touchdown Darts

Touchdown Darts Rules


Harrows Quadro 240 Board

A very rare board made with a quad inner ring! Score up to 240 points on a throw.

This board is no longer made.


Saddam Hussein Board

A Coiled Paper Board featuring Saddam Himself! Hard to find board.


Most Wanted Terrorist Board


Southern Comfort Voodoo Groove


Widdy Board / American Dart Board

Usually double sided and made of basswood.

Widdy Board Rules


Monroe Cork Board

Just like the Widdy board but made of coiled foam and round.



Standard Dartboard

This board is made from real cork!


Very Old Baseball Game


Old Baseball Game Unusual Graphics

Baseball Rules



Crown Challenger Dart Board

Old Baseball Game From The 1960's




Common Baseball Game


Vogelpik Board / Belgium Board Straw

This board which I bought from a guy who makes them in Belgium is made from raw compressed straw grass. It has metal dividers and is hand painted. It plays exceptionally well.

Vogelpik Rules


Vogelpik Board / Belgium Board Basswood

Us Americans got to tinker with everything.  Here is our fix to the unique and beautiful straw  Belgian board.

Vogelpik Rules


 Halex Soft Tip Board

Personally I can't stand soft tip. Someone please explain to me why you would pay to throw darts... is the math that hard???

But... need to have one for the museum. LOL


Unicorn Eclipse

Standard Clock Board



Japanese Board

I have no idea what this board says or the rules to play it but hey it looks funky anyone have the rules???



Another Unusual Baseball Board


Halex Championship Golf Board


  Halex Championship Baseball Board


Yorkshire Board

No Trebles and no single bulls-eye.

Yorkshire Board Rules



Winmau Champions Choice

Half size trebles and doubles great for practicing.



Target Dart Board


Budweiser Bottle Cap Board


Unusual Cork Board w/ Reverse Side

Champion Card Dart

Has 52 playing cards on the board for playing poker blackjack etc.....




Ballantine Beer Baseball Dart Board

A very old baseball game board. Very Rare.


Real Wood Standard Board


Old Cork Baseball Game


Soaring Darts Big Casino Board


Sportscraft Electronic Baseball

Soft Tip Game Board Very Rare


Sportscraft Touchdown Darts

Football soft tip game board very rare.

Touchdown Darts Rules



The Simpsons Dart Board


Soaring Darts Stress Dartboard


Poker Dartboard


Red Budweiser Board

Halex Spike It

Football Dartboard

"Spike It" Rules

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